Sony Bravia LCD & LED range Overview

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sony lcd Sony LCD and LED TV

Sony Bravia XBR9

New for 2009, Sony released the Bravia XBR9 series of LCD televisions. While LED backlighting is all the rage at CES 2009, the XBR9 TVs won’t be using it. It does feature a 1080p, 240Hz panel (120Hz in the 32″ model) and is available in 52″, 46″, 40″ and 32″ sizes.

Models: Sony Bravia XBR9 Series: Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR9, Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR9, Sony Bravia KDL-40XBR9, Sony Bravia KDL-32XBR9


Sony Bravia Z Series

Sony’s new Z-series models feature an Ethernet connection, allowing the sets to directly access Sony BRAVIA Internet Video content using an existing broadband connection. The service offers one of the largest selections of free and premium movies, TV shows, sports, music and more from an array of partners like Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube(R), Yahoo!(R), Slacker, and others.

Models: Sony Bravia KDL-52Z5100, Sony Bravia KDL-46Z5100, Sony Bravia KDL-40Z5100


Sony Bravia V Series

Sony brings 120Hz refresh rates into it’s mid tier models with the Bravia V series. The 1080p, 120Hz V series LCDs also feature Sony’s Motion Flow dejudder processing.

Models: Sony Bravia KDL-52V5100, Sony Bravia KDL-46V5100, Sony Bravia KDL-40V5100


Sony Bravia W Series

Bolstering the recently announced 2009 BRAVIA(R) LCD HDTV line-up, Sony Electronics announced a series of additional networked models with full 1080p resolution. The W-series adds an economic HDTV option, while delivering the same interactive functionality as the BRAVIA Z5100 and XBR9 models.

Models: Sony Bravia KDL-52W5100, Sony Bravia KDL-46W5100, Sony Bravia KDL-40W5100


Sony Bravia S Series

An entry level line of Bravia LCDs, the S series of televisions bring 1080p resolution to more budget minded consumers looking for an LCD from a top tier brand. While the Bravia S series gets the upgrade to 1080p, they do not get the 120Hz refresh rates found in most high end LCDs.

Models: Sony Bravia KDL-52S5100, Sony Bravia KDL-46S5100, Sony Bravia KDL-40S5100, Sony Bravia KDL-32S5100


Sony Bravia VE5 Series

The new BRAVIA VE5-series models offer substantial power savings thanks to a zero-watt standby power switch, along with motion and light sensors that minimize energy usage without compromising performance.

Models: Sony Bravia KDL-52VE5, Sony Bravia KDL-46VE5, Sony Bravia KDL-40VE5


Sony Bravia XBR10 Series

The new XBR10 LED backlict LCD TV series includes Sony’s new Ethernet Connection with the useful Amazon on Demand feature and later Netflix, while we have not yet seen the big benefit in the Bravia Internet Widgets feature which enables some proprietary stock, weather, financial news types of information. One very unusual feature of this TV is the wireless outboard receiver.

Models: Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR10, Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR10


Bravia XBR8 Series

Sony’s top of the line offering for 2009 is the XBR8 series LCDs. In addition to many of the standout features present on the XBR5, XBR6 and XBR7 the KDL-46XBR8 and the larger model have a local dimming feature for improved contrast in “localized” areas of the screen in order to enhance contrast in some areas while leaving it as is in others. This is accomplished partly through use of the new LED backlight contained in the XBR8. Another step up feature of this LCD is LED (light emitting diode) backlighting rather than the standard fluorescent style bulbs. This will drastically improve the brightness and thus the contrast of the LCD over other models. Sony calls this specification TRILUMINOS RGB LED because it contains all three color LEDs. Also present in the KDL-55XBR8 and the 46 inch model are the DLNA compliance feature for more natural color rendition, and of course the ubiquitous specification for all new Sony LCDs – the ever present optional colored speaker grille.

Models: Sony KDL-46XBR8, Sony KDL-55XBR8

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